Fee Schedule Effective August 1, 2020

DRESSAGE TRAINING PACKAGE:  includes weekly training/lessons and package services - guidance and assistance with horse care and nutrition, athletic training and therapies, daily turn-out, blanketing, storage/use of private tack lounge, etc.


      Full Training:  5 days per week                                                            $650.00/month

      Partial Training:  3 days per week                                                       $475.00/month         

      Package Services Only**                                                                      $100.00/month


RIDING LESSON or TRAINING SESSION:  dressage, low level jumping or in-hand (young horse) training session


      Private Lesson or Training       30 minutes                                         $40.00

                                                         45 minutes                                         $50.00

      Semi-Private Lesson                 45 minutes                                         $40.00/rider



SCHOOL HORSE LESSONS - Based on school horse availability      


      Private (single rider)                 30 minutes + School Horse               $55.00

                                                         45 minutes + School Horse               $65.00

      Semi-Private (2 riders)             45 minutes + School Horse               $55.00/rider

DRESSAGE SHOWS & HORSE SALE PROSPECT - Travel expenses invoiced separately

      Show Test Ride                                                                                     $50.00-$70.00

      Coaching Session                                                                                  $40.00-$50.00

      Horse Sale Prospect Ride                                                                     $70.00/hour

*Please note that boarding and other care costs not specified are separate and dependent on facility.  Payment is expected at time of service unless invoicing arrangements are made in advance.  Full and partial training package invoiced at beginning of month.  Haul-ins are welcome at no extra charge.

**For those not in full/partial training or school horse program wanting package services beyond what is already provided with board. 



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