Fee Schedule Effective May 1, 2022



DRESSAGE TRAINING PACKAGE - Includes weekly training/lessons and other services –

 guidance and assistance with horse care and nutrition, athletic training, and therapies, etc.

 Boarding is separate cost (see bottom of page).


      Full Training:      5 days per week                                                     $650.00/month

      Partial Training:  3 days per week                                                     $475.00/month         

RIDING LESSON or TRAINING SESSION - Dressage or low level jumping/flat work


      Private Lesson or Training                  30 minutes                              $40.00

                                                            45 minutes                               $50.00

      Semi-Private Lesson                         45 minutes                               $40.00/rider



SCHOOL HORSE LESSONS - Based on school horse availability


      Private (single rider)                        30 minutes + School Horse           $55.00                               

                                                          45 minutes + School Horse           $65.00

      Semi-Private (2 riders)                     45 minutes + School Horse           $50.00/rider


DRESSAGE SHOWS & HORSE SALE PROSPECT - Travel expenses invoiced separately


      Show Test Ride                                                                                $50.00-$70.00

      Coaching Session                                                                             $40.00-$50.00

      Horse Sale Prospect Ride/Other Consultation                                       $70.00/hour


HORSE BOARDING with Full Care* - Boarding is only for horses in training program with Whisper Creek Dressage


      Main Barn – 12’x12’ Box Stall with private outdoor run                           $525/month

      Stables – 12’x12’ Box Stall                                                                   $500/month

      Large Pasture with Shelter                                                                 $400/month


*Full care includes daily:  twice feeding hay and grain/etc.; stall cleaning (includes high quality shavings); turn-out in pasture or dry lot for stalled horses; blanketing, etc. – complete list of services detailed in board agreement. 

*Board cost is subject to change once facility improvements are complete.