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to Open Mid-Summer 2024!

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Welcome to the Whisper Creek Idaho LLC (WCI Dressage) website.  We believe that any horse and rider can benefit from dressage training.  Our main focus is to provide training and coaching for equestrian Adult Amateurs and Junior Riders in Idaho’s Treasure Valley in order to help them achieve their dressage training and showing goals.  We are also here to help the horse and rider improve both their performance and their health/fitness.


Dressage is an Olympic equestrian sport where riders use physical pressure to train and direct a horse to perform specific movements.  This is done to develop horse and rider fitness and sport-specific skills for recreational enjoyment, sports competition and/or physical activity-related health benefits.


We specializes in dressage instruction/training, fitness evaluation/exercise prescription for both the competitive and recreational equestrian, and the development of dressage sport horses.  We also provide full service board and personalized care at our boutique facility to horses in dressage training.

Our MISSION STATEMENT is to instill a lifelong passion for dressage in our students and clients by teaching effective dressage skills, inspiring success in dressage competition, and encouraging healthy living through physical fitness in equestrian sports.  We are enthusiastic to utilize and share our knowledge and experience in dressage training, riding instruction, fitness training and sports development.

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Dressage and English Riding Lessons (private or group) and Training (partial or full) available from USDF Medalist/FEI level instructors at Whisper Creek Idaho Dressage in Middleton, ID.  Haul-ins welcome.  

SCHOOL HORSE LESSONS available for beginning to experienced students from age 8 and above.


New fitness programs opportunities are in development and will be offered soon by our masters degree level, professionally certified staff.  These include health risk appraisal, fitness evaluation and exercise prescription specific to the needs of the active equestrian.


Development of any breed of sport horses for dressage competition as well as recreational pursuits.  Fitness and athletic training for both horse and rider for better sport performance and overall health.

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