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SPINNAKER - Grand Prix 1994 Trakehner Warmblood Gelding


When ATA Registered Trakehner warmblood Spinnaker was 16 years old, he joined our family and became partners with the then 14 year old Meghan Slaughter.  He was owned and trained up the levels by our trainers, Ernst and Janet Herrmann.  Spinnaker was a seasoned, highly opinionated and somewhat cantankerous dressage horse, showing successfully up to FEI Intermediate I with some training in Grand Prix movements.  

Spinnaker and Meghan trained together, traveled the Northwest USA and successfully qualified for and was invited to join the USA Region 6 North American Junior/Young Riders Team.  They successfully competed at the North American Championships in Kentucky and at the USDF Region 6 Championships.  In 2011, they won USDF Region 6 FEI Junior Champion and USDF National Freestyle Second Level Reserve Champion.  

Spinnaker and Meghan continued their successful partnership competing at FEI Young Riders/Prix-St. George and Intermediate levels, winning numerous awards.  With a supportive team providing massage therapy, athletic training, farrier and veterinary care and with the guidance of our trainers, Spinnaker was able to complete his Grand Prix training with Meghan and compete in Grand Prix at the ripe old age of 20.  With Spinnaker, Meghan was able to earn the USDF Gold Medal.


May Slaughter then took over riding duties with Spinnaker.  She was able to earn the USDF Bronze Medal and showed at 4th level/Prix St. George.  Spinnaker then worked as a part-time school horse for experienced riders and now enjoys his retirement at Whisper Creek Dressage.

                                                        SCHOOL HORSES

C TAMBIEN - 2004 Andalusian Gelding

Registered Andalusian gelding Tambien was originally trained in Doma Vaquera (Spanish "western dressage").  He was successfully re-trained and shown by Meghan in lower level dressage and became a family show horse for his former owner. 



Full of fun personality, Tambien has joined the Whisper Creek Team as a school horse for experienced riders of all ages.  With his show champion background, Tambien may also be available for a partial show lease to an appropriate student.

*IN MEMORIUM* - MAY FROST - 1998-2024 Appaloosa Mare

Sweet and friendly Registered Appaloosa mare May Frost was bred by Lise Jumper of Jumper's Sport Horses.  She began her show career as an eventing horse and became a dressage show horse for several owners.  An absolute fan favorite, she had been a steady veteran dressage/low level jumping school horse for many years. 


May Frost joined the Whisper Creek School Horse Team in 2018, helping mainly beginning young students and adult riders to develop a good dressage foundation.


We miss May Frost very much - she was one of the best school horses, especially for beginners, and a dear friend.

May Frost jump.jpg


CHECKERS - 1985 Shetland Pony - Equine Companion  

 TATOR TOTS - 2021 Idaho Barn Cat                          ALPHONSE - 2020 Idaho Barn Cat   


HARLEE - 2014 St. Bernard/Boxer &

MADELYN - 2006 Idaho Terrier 

Alphonse 1.jpg

 In Memoriam - SHMELLO 2006-2020 Idaho Barn Cat

Shmello front.jpg
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